Hey friends! You know I love keeping it real here at Whiskey & Whit so here’s the lowdown on the background details of this blog that you should know.


All free files provided on the Whiskey & Whit blog are for personal use only.

Can I use your files to make signs to sell in my business? No, my free files are provided for personal crafting use for fun and CANNOT be used for commercial production meaning you can’t use my files to create products to sell. If you would like to use my files for profit, you’ll need to purchase a Commercial Use License for each file you want to use.

What else should I know about the files? You CANNOT take my files and sell them as your own. If you decide to use a file in a project and then share that project online, please link back to my blog or YouTube channel. I work hard to provide these files for free for personal use, so by sharing my site you support Whiskey & Whit and allow me to make more files for you to enjoy.

Project Safety

Whiskey & Whit is written by Whitney, a wife, mom, and DIYer. My projects are not error-proof. I share what works well in my home and projects as I create and decorate. The products, tools, tutorials, examples, and home improvement methods shared are for entertainment purposes; extra precautions and your own outside research are always suggested before doing a project – especially if it’s your first time using specific tools. Whiskey & Whit can not be held responsible for the outcome of a project or your personal safety. By continuing to read this blog, you agree to these conditions.

What in the heck are affiliate links? It’s a digital marketing term for a trackable link for the products I mention. It simply means that if you choose to purchase something I suggest, I may receive a commission on your purchase. As an Amazon Associate and RewardStyle partner, I am paid from qualifying purchases (which means that if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission).

What does that mean for you? Nothing changes on your end, no extra cost, time, effort, etc. BUT it does help me keep the site running and therefore bring more FREE content to you through all my channels. Who doesn’t love FREE content?!

I only recommend products/services I actually use and that I think you will use and love too. I will NEVER share a link with you if I haven’t tried a product myself first.

Woah! That’s a mouthful, but necessary to ensure we’re on the same page. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. Now that we crossed that off our list, enjoy exploring Whiskey & Whit!

Content/Photo Usage & Linking

All photos on Whiskey & Whit are taken by Whitney unless otherwise noted. Any use of my photos or content with our proper linking back and credit to this blog constitutes a copyright violation.

You can use one or two images from my posts, if and only if, you give the blog credit and link back to Whiskey & Whit.