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Have you finished your gift list yet? Today I’m sharing some cute Christmas decor DIYs for 2021 so you can finish off those. Today’s video is full of Christmas DIYs for 2021 and even includes some cute Christmas DIYs to make and sell to make some extra money for the holidays! And who doesn’t love that?!

Sublimation has been on my must-try list for quite some time. I’m so thankful to Hiipoo for sponsoring this video to allow me to try out the sublimation process and share my results with you!


Sub-la-who-didty? You may have heard of the term sublimation, or even seen one of the millions of videos showing the process on TikTok, but what exactly is it? In laymen’s terms, sublimation is a printing method that uses specific paper, ink, and heat to combine the ink and fabric (or other media) as one. Think of dying the fibers of the fabric so there isn’t anything sitting on top of the fabric.

It’s actually a really cool process! The ink on the paper turns to gas when it’s heated. That gas then combines with the sublimation blank leaving a permanent and relatively fade-proof finish. Think of it like a tattoo, but for fabric. The set ink moves right along with the fabric as if it’s always been there. The heat opens up the pores of the fabric (or other media) and then when it cools, those pores close back up and locks in the color.

That got me thinking…Is Cricut’s Infusible Ink actually sublimation. The short answer…yes! It’s basically large sheets printed with sublimation ink that you can cut with your Cricut. That’s the most experience I’ve had with this process so I was excited to dive in!

The biggest thing that attracted me to sublimation is the freedom of design. I can create whatever I want and then put that directly on something. As someone who loves to design printables for you guys, this seemed right up my alley!


To make sublimation DIYs you will need:

  1. PRINTER – A printer converted to print with sublimation ink. I’m using an EPSON ST-2000 Printer – Amazon
  2. SUBLIMATION INK – Special Ink Specifically for Sublimation – I’m using Hiipoo Sublimation Ink – Amazon
  3. SUBLIMATION PAPER – Special Paper for Sublimation – Hiipoo Sublimation Paper – Amazon
  4. A HEAT PRESS – A heat source to complete the actual sublimation process. I’m using this Heat Press from Amazon. You can also use a Cricut Easy Press (Amazon) and/or a Cricut Mug Press (Amazon). You need temps above 375 degrees for this so unforutunately you can’t use you iron. The ink won’t get hot enough to transfer. I also like that the heat press I have has a mug attachment so I could make some awesome drinkwear! It also has a hat and plate attachement too for other fun projects!
  5. SUBLIMATION BLANKS – Sublimation Blanks are items made specifically for this sublimation process: shirts, hats, pillow covers, socks, mugs, keychains, ornaments, ec. Fabrics 50% polyester and above is preferred and other items need to be poly-coated to be able to absorb the sublimation ink. (I’ve linked my favorites below.)
  6. HEAT RESISTANT TAPE – Heat Resistant Tape to hold your design in place when you press with high heat. Mine is from Amazon
  7. BUTCHER/PARCHMENT PAPER – A barrier between your press and the sublimation blanks. I used parchement paper in the video, but I’ve purchased this Kraft Butcher Paper for pressing for future projects on (Amazon). You can also use a teflon sheet – I need to get myself one of those!


Find all my supplies used in this video on my amazon store here.
Ornaments – Amazon
Ornaments (different shape option) – Amazon
Ceramic ornament option – Amazon
Cricut Coaster Blanks – Amazon
Cricut Raglan Shirt – Cricut.com
Socks – Amazon
Cosmetic Bags – Amazon
Plush Blanket (similar and will work for sublimation) – Amazon
Mugs – Amazon
Puzzle Blanks – Amazon
Cricut Pillow Cover Blank – Cricut.com

Here are just a few of the blanks I’m loving! I made all of these so easily for some awesome Christmas gifts!


To the right, I have a full video tutorial on how you can easily convert your printer to special sublimation ink. I used Hiipoo’s awesome easy-fill bottles for EPSON printers making it a 15-minute process easy peasy!

How fun are these freshwater fish coasters and the custom Bluey blankets I was able to make for gifts!? Alright, let’s get into it – you know I’d much rather just hang out and show you what this sublimation thing is all about. Be sure to hit play on the video tutorial below and let’s get crafting!



Click the box below to download my free files from this video. I’ve also linked the other files I used that aren’t personalized or photos.

Bluey Images – Bluey.tv
Boys of Christmas File – Etsy
Fish Illustrations – Etsy
Friends Image Pack from Design Bundles


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