Depending on where you live, Walmart can get a bad rap, but in the past five years or so they have really upped their game to compete with places like Amazon, Target, and even higher-end places like Pottery Barn – which is wonderful for you because that means you can decorate and dress on trend without breaking the bank!

After many years of shopping at Walmart and creating shopping content for my Craft Buddies, I’ve learned some genius secrets that I’m sharing for the first time today. After this, you’ll know where to look and how to shop to score big (and save) at Walmart!


First up, when should you be going to Walmart to shop – unlike other stores, they don’t run weekly sales per se, but depending on what you’re shopping for timing does matter.

Overall, I like to shop in the morning, or the evening when it’s not too crowded. I like to take my time to look and it’s a pain when there is a mad rush on the weekends or right after work. 

Specifically for grocery items like produce and bakery items, the mornings are great because most 24-hour stores stock overnight when they aren’t slammed, making it a great time for you to get the best selection.

And when it comes to seasonal items, early is always better. Christmas, Fall, Easter, and other seasonal items sell out QUICK so be sure to grab what you want early. Walmart is also a great place to get after-season clearance, the day after Christmas is my favorite time to shop because it’s all 50% and most years I can find wood and winter pieces that I can use right away!

And if you’re a clearance hunter, large markdowns usually take place in the first 5-7 days of the month – so that’s a good time for you to go shopping.


Also heading in, set your expectations. Depending on your store, the selection can vary drastically and I feel like I need to rewind the tape and say that again because I know a lot of times I’ll share stuff and you guys say well my Walmart doesn’t look like that. And I believe you, so that’s why I’m linking everything I’m sharing that is available online down In the description of my YouTube video, so you can easily order it online. 

Let’s kick it off with my favorite place to shop at Walmart – the craft aisle! With Dollar Tree raising their prices, I’ve found myself visiting this craft aisle more because they still have items under $1 and they’ve expanded what they carry in store. If you’re a Cricut Crafter, it’s good to know they have those supplies in-store if you’re in a pinch – and the Hello Hobby mats and tools are very similar, but much cheaper than the name-brand stuff.

I also LOVE these Hello Hobby paint brushes, I needed to restock. And this store still has Waverly chalk paint and hasn’t switched over to Hello Hobby (the Walmart craft brand). If your store has switched, you can still order Waverly online for delivery. This is also where I stock up on my acrylic paints – at .58 cents a bottle it’s a good deal.

And you’ve gotta check out their faux florals – sometimes it looks like a jungle so you need to squat down and dig for the smaller picks, but they are usually around $1.28 and they are way better quality than the $1.25 ones at Dollar Tree in my opinion. They also have beautiful long-stemmed options like fern, eucalyptus, and other flowers that are great for vases!

And right next door is the party aisle which is also better than Dollar Tree. You can get individual tablecloths for under $1 and their multi-packs give you even more savings. I also feel like the Walmart ones are a bit thicker – so keep that in mind for your next party. They also sell helium tanks, and I love getting these for showers and parties where I wante helium balloons without the huge price.


When you’re on the hunt for decor at Walmart, there are a few different areas you’ll want to check out. First, I always want to make sure I have time to shop the front seasonal section. This is always right when you walk into the non-grocery side, near the pharmacy and toIletry aisles.

Here they’ll have a ton of new and seasonal items, including my favorite brand Better Homes and Gardens. These items are technically categorized as quote-unquote seasonal but many of them can be used year-round. Items like these trays and entertaining items are perfect for any time of year with their neutral colors. Recently I also saw these pretty towels here, I grabbed this one for an outdoor throw blanket on my deck.

Also in the way front, some stores have added a Dollar Section which is similar to Target’s Dollar Spot – it has a rotating selection of seasonal decor and trinkets for 1, 3, & $5 and it’s worth a trip if you store has one!

Next up, the Home Decor Aisle. In some stores, it’s a few aisles down from the seasonal, and in others, it’s near the back of the store – so you’ll have to see where yours is.

They’ve recently teamed up with influencer My Texas House and her seasonal releases are always so pretty. They also have equally as stylish items from other lines in this area like this beautiful dough bowl, trays, vases, candle holders, mirrors, and pillows. Walmart pillows are always great quality and a great price. Look at this one – beautiful details plus a great size and it was under $15!

In that area, you’ll also find beautiful and affordable photo frames and mirrors – I love these different size same price ones – they are my go-to for printables.

Beyond the specific aisles, it helps to know what brands to look for in store, and ones to search for online. For kitchen stuff: think plates, glasses, silverware, utensils, bakeware and more – I love the Tyme & Table line as well as the one from Pioneer Woman. The Thyme & Table items are more modern and are more high-end lookalikes in a few different prints and colors. The Pioneer Woman line is very colorful and whimsical – both super fun, just depends on your vibe.

Walmart’s candles are also a favorite of mine – and I’ve officially converted from the $25 Bath & Body ones for these BHG ones. The wooden tops are so modern and the scents are amazing! I also love to create my own labels to replace the original ones for gifting like I did to these in my recent gifts video – easy and affordable!

And if DIY isn’t in the cards for you – these small ones have adorable ready-to-gift labels.

I’d also recommend Walmart’s furniture – they have some in-store, and more online. Our barn door console table and this table by our couch are both from Walmart and are great quality! I recommend searching for Better Homes & Gardens furniture, that’s the brand of both of these.

Another area not to sleep on is the garden section – and not just during the spring and summer – but always. My local stores use the Garden Section for Christmas decor and if I didn’t go out there, I would totally miss it! They usually start stocking in September and it’s hidden in plain sight if you don’t go out there – that’s a huge WHIT TIP.

From the true garden section, I love to grab stylish pots for gardening, general decor, and even organization in my office. Their selection of solar lights is also awesome. Patio furniture is also a great buy at Walmart, but I’d recommend shopping online for the full selection. They usually only have a handful of options in store, but it’s a great deal for the quality – especially the BHG brand. And keep an eye out for patio furniture and accessories to go on clearance deals between July and September.

Outdoor pillows and cushions are also a winner at Walmart thanks to their quality and price – I’ve also been known to use outdoor pillows inside year-round because of the great size to make a statement. 


At the time of filming this video, Walmart’s return policy for both in-store and online returns are eligible within 90-days, which I love because I’m never within the 30 day window to return. I try stuff on and put it back in the bag and forget to take it to the store! There are acceptions, so check the link in the description for the full policy – and online purchases from marketplace sellers also have different rules. We’ll talk more about those sellers in a bit.

If you’re like me and are always losing receipts, check this out. You can go into the Walmart app – select Account in the bottom right, and then Purchase History. If you have a payment method hooked to your online account, it will automatically assign in-store purchases with that card to you account – which will also act as a receipt for returns.

If you are paying in cash, or the purchases haven’t synced, just click the scanner in the top right and use the barcode on your paper receipt to get it added and then you’re all set!

Did you know Walmart has tools? They are the exclusive retailer for HART Tools and they are great for a beginner – from saws and drills, to vacuums and lawn mowers – everything I’ve gotten from them has been great!


I’d be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t talk about and the Walmart App – they come with perks, and also some common misconceptions – so let me set that record straight!

A lot of people don’t know this, but is actually a marketplace, that impacts a lot of different things. Think of it like Amazon, where many different third-party sellers pay the platform fees and a cut of the sale to reach customers like you. You’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re browsing through the Walmart site because while some of the items shown are true Walmart items – some are sold by third parties.

This can also get tricky when you see content creators sharing their “Walmart Hauls” from and some of the items you’ll never find in-store because they aren’t sold directly by Walmart. Remember that when you see a viral product and immediately run to the store. That can also explain why you may not see in your store the items they are hauling. I always like to share “Walmart Finds” that I actually found in store for that reason.

There’s nothing wrong with that but you want to keep that In mind because you might want to price compare to get something cheaper on Amazon from a similar seller you can find that by looking up here for the Item. It will let you know If It Is a Walmart Item or a third party.

Also – if you love the perk of Amazon Prime’s free 2-day shipping – also offers that, but without a membership! A ton of items on are eligible for free 2-day delivery or sometimes even NextDay delivery – as long as your purchase is above $35. They’ll let you know if you qualify in your cart right here.


Living near different Walmarts also has the perk of being able to take advantage of quicker shipping if the item is in stock in a nearby store – they have drivers similar to DoorDash or Instacart that pick up the orders and bring them to you.  We did this recently with a new bike for Finn’s birthday and it saved me a trip to the store. It was fully assembled and delivered right to our door – for FREE – from the store!

Depending on your location, some stores will price match the online price – this is helpful when they’re running online deals to compete with other online retailers like Target & Amazon – but Walmart’s policy leaves that up to the stores, so it’s worth asking especially on big-ticket items where you could save a good chunk of change. 


Of all the grocery pick-up services I’ve done, we’ve had the best luck with Walmart. I realize this can vary by store, but our produce has been well chosen, it’s free to do, we haven’t shorted items, and another great thing about doing the pick-up is that it helps me stick to our budget. I tend to impulse shop, so if I know I have $100 to budget for meals that round, I can get what I need and know I’m on a budget without surprises at the register.


Strolling down the Clearance aisle at Walmart is a pastime I enjoy, and I also love that it can sometimes also be a scavenger hunt. When I’m shopping any kind of clearance at Walmart, I get out my app and use the barcode scanner at the top to check the price. Many times the price will be less than what it’s marked because an employee hasn’t had time to remark it – and that can make or break if you want the item.

On the other hand, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS look at the previous price. That yellow sticker gets me excited thinking it’s a sale – but sometimes it’s just $1 off. To avoid tons of impulse purchases you can take the item to another part of the store and ask yourself if you’d buy it. Sometimes outside of the SALE zone, it loses its luster.

The dedicated aisle isn’t the only place you’ll find clearance items – always be sure to keep an eye out for endcaps – that’s where they’ll put a collection of a ton of the same items. I made sure to scan it in my Amazon app to see what they go for full price – and this $25 sale item is on Amazon for nearly $80 right now, confirmation it’s a good score!

Kids toy clearance at Walmart is also pretty epic – I find they do it twice a year – once in July and the other in December to clear out extra holiday inventory.

I know I’m a home decor girlie – but I’ve also learned some great hacks for other parts of the store that I wanted to share!

First – if you like to organize – you must check out The Home Edit’s line of products. They have organization bins, cleaning supplies, and home/office items throughout the store. The quality is great and much cheaper than clear bins elsewhere in my experience. They even have bundles with multiple bins designed for specific areas for your house making it easy.

Walmart’s kid’s clothes and shoes have also made major leaps forward! We love the Granimal’s mix-and-match clothes for Finn, I’ve been getting those since he was a little guy – and while they are cheap, they last! I also love to get his summer shoes there – they have a ton of licensed things if the kiddo in your life is into that and the Croc lookalikes have worked so well for all of us – not just Finn!

And I love getting clothes and shoes for myself at Walmart too! The brands I love are; Time & Tru, Love & Sport, Celebrity Pink, No Boundaries, and SCOOP (but that’s an online exclusive). I like to follow Walmart fashion influencers for outfit inspo – I’ll link my faves – and that helps me see the potential in Walmart fashion like I can show you all in the decor items. 

My new obsession is the Joyspun brand – I started with their super soft PJs and have also tried their intimates and slippers – 10/10 would recommend. I shared my new PJs and robe from them in my recent haul and so many craft buddies went and ordered them – I hope you love them like I do!

They also have cute accessories like kimonos, swimsuits, hats, belts, sunglasses, and more – so be sure to browse that section on your next trip if that’s something you like!

WHIT TIP – check the guy’s section for fun graphic t-shirts and even plain ones. The T-shirts were under $5 and because they are men’s, I know they’ll be long enough for my tall self!

I hope you’re leaving with tons of tips and new places to look at your Walmart store! Let me know in the comments your favorite tip and if you have any hacks of your own to save at Walmart!

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