Hi friend! Happy Memorial Day Weekend – where did the first chunk of 2022 go? Time sure does fly!

I’m so excited to share this sponsored post with you!  When Jane asked me to shop their site and share my finds with you, I was so excited because I knew that you would love it! Thank you to them for providing me funds to go shopping with. I have been a loyal Jane shopper for YEARS, and I’ve shared my Jane.com finds with you all before. All opinions are my own.

As we kick off the summer season (or patriotic season as I like to refer to it), I wanted to share two of my absolute favorite seasonal decor hacks – a way to save space on seasonal pillows and how to get a Pinterest-worthy tiered tray every time. It only takes 3 steps, I promise it’s that easy!

Today I’m sharing some amazing tips for decorating your home for summer without breaking the bank. We all love high-end home decor, but spending a ton of money to do it isn’t fun. I believe that having a cozy, beautifully decorated home, doesn’t have to be crazy expensive – if you know what to look for. And where to look. This post is full of decor ideas and decorating tips, PLUS some awesome decor finds from Jane!

What is Jane? It’s a deals and boutique marketplace!

Jane is a deals and boutique marketplace that supports small businesses. They work with thousands of sellers – many of whom are home-based – to bring us more than 600 new items to their website and mobile app every single day. Each night at 2:00 a.m. EST they reveal the deals for the day and they go FAST! I like that it feels like a treasure hunt, and if you find something you love – buy it. You don’t want to miss it.

I also love how unique the items that I find on their site from home decor, toys, and handmade gifts, to trendy clothing, accessories, shoes, and more. They also have a great return policy (minus a few non-returnable things), so if your shirt doesn’t fit, you can get that corrected easily.

You can shop Jane via their iOS or Android mobile app – or via their website. With Memorial Day + 4th of July coming up, you’ll definitely want to check out Jane’s Americana deals marketplace.

How to decorate a tiered tray in 3 easy steps!

Decorating seasonal tiered trays just has a special place in my heart. I get a ton of questions on how I do them, so today I’m sharing my tried and true secrets, featuring some awesome red, white and blue items I found on Jane. I got these felt garlands, fabric flags, and two adorable signs. I love that with this order I supported four businesses, but it was 1 order for me – easy peasey!

A Hand-made Touch

The Liberty sign also came with a sweet tag on the back letting me know it was made in Iowa. As an Illinois girl, I was so happy to see I was supporting a small Midwestern business!

For me, it’s all in the sizes of the items. You obviously want them to coordinate, but if they are all the same size, it won’t work. Here’s how I group my items before I start:

  • Large or “Anchor” Items
  • Medium Items
  • Small or “Filler” items

Your large or anchor items will be your “wow” focal points. Medium items are also pretty, but take a slight back seat as the background cast. I have a good amount of everyday items that I use as my medium items to help keep my displays cost-effective and help me save space when it comes to storage. They also act as a buffer and slight filler. Then, finally, you’ll need some small items to add color and texture as well as fill any holes. Here are some examples of items that would fit into the categories

Let’s dive into this specific tray below so I can give you examples and visuals. Here’s the look we’re going for:

  • Step 1: Arrange your Anchors in opposite corners of the tray. For this, I used my Popsicle Parlor and Liberty signs from Jane. This will help give your tray a balanced look, both from top to bottom and from left to right. I also added glass containers in the opposite corners, and added some gingham red and blue ribbon to my jar on the left to help it pop. Adding ribbon to an everyday item can help extend its use and give you more bang for your buck.
  • Step 2: Fill in with Medium Items. I used my fabric flags and felt garlands from Jane along with my DIY wood Firecrackers, and a star sign to help fill in the back. The firecrackers also gave me some much-needed height on the top level.
  • Step 3: Fill in any gaps and large openings with small filler items. Below you can see the difference between just the anchors and medium items (left) and then with the filler (right). I added patriotic paper straws, little DIY snowcones (tutorial here), and my small popsicle on the top. I also took some of the felt balls off the garland and used them to fill my glass cup with the straws. It added color and texture (see below). Not a ton was added, but it really makes it sing, don’t you think?

Hit play on the video below to see it in all its glory! If only putting them together was that fast, right? But hopefully, now you see how easy it can be. If you use my steps for your own tray be sure to tag me @whiskeyandwhit or #whiskeyandwhit!

Where’s the best place to buy seasonal pillow covers?

One of my best seasonal decor and storage hacks, actually isn’t mine at all. Ha! I learned this years ago from my sweet friend and former co-worker, Aubrey. I was complaining about my lack of space to store my seasonal pillows and she said “you don’t just swap out pillow covers?” like I was the last one to the party.

“No,” I said. And immediately searched online for some on my lunch break that day. Funny enough, I bought my first pillow cover from Jane back in 2017 when we bought this home – small world!

The trick here is making sure you have inserts you love, which you can buy at any major retailer (Jane even has them some days). You’ll also want to make sure you buy the right size covers – these are 18×18 and are my favorite size for most rooms.

When the season is over, I throw the cover in the wash and then replace that cover with the next season. Then I’m storing a small stack of fabric vs. huge pillows – and my inserts get used all year long. Genius – and thank you Aubrey for the tip!

Other items I love to buy from Jane

Confession, I know this is sponsored by Jane, so we’re talking about them. But even before I worked with them I was a Jane addict! I even got my mom addicted, so when they reached out to me to partner I instantly called her and we did a happy dance. For real, thanks Jane for making that happen!

This is a marketplace I browse daily and purchase from almost weekly with my own money and I love recommending them. Here are some Halloween shirts I got last year from Jane:

On top of home decor, I also like to buy clothing, accessories, and items for Finn and Sebastian! Here’s a variety of some of my recent finds.

Shop All Deals Shop Summer DecorShop GraphicsShop AmericanaShop Pet

This trucker hat is super comfortable and it also has an opening in the back for a bun or ponytail! I LIVE in these over the summer, especially in the pool or our doing yard work. I also have a black leopard that I bought from Jane last year in my stash.

I also adore all thier options for graphic tops like the two below. How funny is the George Washington one – “If you aint’ first, you’re last!” Gotta love a Will Farrell/Ricky Bobby quote! Shop current deals on graphics here.

I also picked up Sebastian a new mat for his food bowls to protect our floors – it shipped out so fast, even with the personalization! Shop for your pet here.

How adorable is this wood popsicle gingham banner? I saw that and it was an instant *add to cart* moment! Shop more summer home decor finds here.

And I found some adorable neutral 18×18 pillow covers for my inserts after patriotic season.

Thanks so much for Jane for supporting my blog and I hope you’ll check out all the awesome things they have to offer. You can explore all their current deals here.


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