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Hi friend!

Today I’m sharing eight cute Valentine’s Day decor DIYs for 2022. My son, Finn, has been loving the mail truck that delivers to our house so I wanted to do some wood and felt Valentines for my decor. I’ve got a ton of Valentine’s Day DIYs and Decor Ideas for your home.

And before we get started, here’s a list of some of my favorite supplies used in this video:

Pink Apple Barrel Paint Colors I used: Princess Pink (medium pink), Cameo Pink (light), Candy Pink (bright pink)
Wood X & O Set – Target
Wood Hearts – Target
Miter Box & Saw Set – Amazon
Doll Needle – Amazon






  1. Hi Whitney!
    Just came across your blog and although I am not into Valentine’s Day decoration I could not resist printing out your images. I did it on canvas because they look so good on it. One is currently in my kitchen, the other is still looking for a spot.
    Thank you for these gorgeous printouts. I love them!

    I am from Austria and I just started a blog which I did not propagate so far but I collect and improve. At the moment it is more a kind of DIY diary. I also plan to translate it to English but I had no time so far.

    All the best and please keep sharing your ideas

  2. Judy Paschall says:

    Thank you Whitney love the videos love the printables love your crafts

  3. omg I love the valentine waffle and cupcake printables! I wanted them so much but didn’t want to pay that much for them. These are amazing! thank you so much

    1. You are so welcome – I’m so happy to hear that!

      1. Larry Ward says:

        Thank you so much for having me to be apart of the community family group, I’m new to this cricut krafting I’m hoping to learn new things. Once again thank you for your videos and all of your ideas, take care and God bless you, enjoy your blessed day.

  4. Hi! The printable is not working. I tried printing it and it won’t work. The picture is just a tiny square in the upper left corner.

    1. Oh no! Did you download the file vs. printing directly from Google Docs?

  5. Heidi Seibold says:

    you are amazing!
    thank you

    I cannot remember which video had you showing an svg type file of something like do more to forget to check phone … can you point me in the direction?

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