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Hi friends! Today I’m finally doing it – sharing how I create my cut files and more in Canva. I love Canva, I talk about it all the time in videos and my goal with this video was to teach you how to use Canva and to give you a resource to reference when you design your own files. Let me know if you have questions below and topics for a future Canva design video!

NOTE: after filming, I realized the remove background feature is only with Canva pro, so sorry! You can use the remove.BG site to remove the background if your image and then import to Canva to keep it totally free 😊

Tutorials for Cricut/Canva
Projects Mentioned in Video

DIY “Let’s Stay Home” Dollar Tree Sign

DIY Wood
Serving Tray

​DIY Rae Dunn Christmas Candles

Halloween & Fall

DIY Lemon Square Sign

Cricut DIYS

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