It’s hard to believe we’re entering the 5th year of the Mystery Box Challenges. The first one in March of 2020 was the last video I completed before Finn was born, so I’ll never forget it. Courtney (Creative on the Cheap) has done a great job at keeping this going and I’m so thankful because these videos are my favorite!

This time around, my box came from Jennifer (Simple Made Pretty) and I sent a box to Christina (Christina Elizabeth). Jennifer did a great job putting together this box, and it was also themed with some amazing colors! I had a great time creating Spring + everyday home decor from it. Here is the full lineup for the February 2024 Mystery Box Challenge!


Each crafter gets a name – I got Christina – and you shop for supplies to fill a box.

This time around, it was an “Anything Goes” box, so that means I could have purchased the items from anywhere and could have included items from my stash. But let’s be honest, I love shopping so of course I bought new stuff – ha!

Within those items, I needed to pack 7 DIY items, but they all had to be different colors. Then, typically, you add 2 items labeled as “challenge items.” Those are items that are tricky to DIY with. One hard rule is you must use the 2 challenge items somehow, but I always try to use all the items if I can. This time, one of the challenge items had to be something that we would have otherwise thrown away.

Jennifer then sent me a box with those rules (watch the video below to see what was inside) and then I had to craft with the contents. I’m proud to report, that I was successful in all the challenges! Check out my projects below and then the full video to see how these Dollar Tree high-end dupe crafts came together. Happy crafting!

One other element that has been added to these challenges has been Courtney’s challenge she gives us each time.

This Round’s “Twist”

This time around, each crafter had to create one project inspired by a decade that was assigned. Mine was from the 1990s and I think I did pretty well – you’ll have to watch and see!


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