It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we started doing these Mystery Box Challenges. The first one in March of 2020 was actually the last video I completed before Finn was born, so I’ll never forget it. Courtney (Creative on the Cheap) has done a great job at keeping this going and I’m so thankful because these videos are my favorite!

This time around, my box came from Jamie (The Crafty DIY Guy) and I sent a box to Kristin (Kristin Kay). Jamie did a great job putting together this box, and I had a great time creating decor from it. Here is the full lineup for the March 2020 Mystery Box Challenge. I was so excited to hear Auntie Coo Coo + Ashleigh Lauren would be joining us!


Each crafter gets a name – I got Kristin (Kristin Kay) – and you go shopping for supplies to fill a box. This time around, you could spend $20-$30 at a “Dollar Store” so think Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Target’s Dollar Spot, Dollar Zone, 99 Cents Only – you catch my drift. I shopped at Dollar Tree & Dollar General for Kristin and I also selected 2 challenge items she had to use in her projects. Then I shipped it off to her.

One other element that has been added to these challenges has been Courtney’s challenge she gives us each time. This time around she asked us all to fill out a piece of paper and send it with the box. We had to select one color, one embellishment, and one material for the other person to use. Jamie challenged me to use Wood, Fabric, and the color blue.

Jamie then sent me a box (watch the video below to see what was inside) and then I had to craft with the contents. I’m proud to report, I was successful in all the challenges. Check out my projects below and then the full video to see how these Dollar Tree Spring & Easter crafts came together. Happy crafting!

Supplies Note: Thanks to these brands for sending me products to try out and share!
HTVRont Heat Press –$99 on Amazon
HTVRont Heat Transfer Vinyl – Amazon
Hippie Crafter Vinyl (multi-colored pack used for lavender sign) – Amazon

Here’s a sneak peek of the projects in this video:



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