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I love fall Dollar Tree DIYs as much as anyone, but I know how frustrating it can be to go hunting for supplies and not be able to find them. That’s why I’m sharing some affordable, easy, and gorgeous Hobby Lobby Fall DIYs with items you can find at your store (more easily than Dollar Tree in my opinion)!

On my latest trip to Hobby Lobby to scope out their Fall decor for 2021, I was inspired to create some easy and affordable fall DIYs that look so much more expensive than they actually are! Check out the next section for a sneak peek at the projects in the full video and then watch it and download my free fall cut files below!


I’ll show you how to create a DIY removable faux whipped cream mug topper like this one:

We’ll make over a Hobby Lobby simple wood bead garland into a festive fall decor piece.

These adorable wood fall rolling pins are SO easy!

I’ll also share how to dupe high-end Kirkland’s signs with cheap Hobby Lobby clearance finds!

And how to take a traditional tobacco basket and turn it into this cute chalkboard sign!

Check out all the projects in the full video below – happy crafting!




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  1. Vickie J. Stewart says:

    LOVED every single one of your ideas for this video. I’m one of those pitiful people who don’t have a Cricut (insert crying emoji). But my husband of 38 years came home almost crying one day last week and when I asked him why he looked so sad and pitiful, he replied, “I just found out what they’re building across from that big shopping center you love, and I’m not happy.” Of course I was already getting excited, since HE was NOT happy; I told myself this HAD to be good. He finally admitted they’re building a Hobby Lobby!! YES! If anyone needs proof that prayer works, here it is! A Hobby Lobby three miles from my house in li’l ol South Carolina! Before now, the closest one was 15 miles away.

    Sorry for that long “intro,” but the point is, in between the new HLobby, the fact that I just took early retirement because of the pandemic, and CRAFTS, the one motivating factor TO retire early, I do believe I might have to invest in a Cricut! Hubby is not going to be too excited, but I’ll just do what I always do and remind him of his monthly DirecTV bill (enormous thanks to added NFL and MLB subscriptions), not to mention other manly bills related to sports plus those two BOYS I raised. You have Finn and you KNOW what I’m talking about, LOL (those dirty socks, let me count ’em…) I just redid one of those boy’s rooms, too, so now it’s not called “his” room; it’s Mom’s CRAFT room; if I had a Cricut, I could make a sign for the door, couldn’t I? Hmmm. Just worried it’ll take all of my “fixed income,” as hubby calls it, to buy the vinyl!!!! yikes….

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