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1. Thrifted Lamps

Thrift store lamps can, sometimes, be scary. They can also be a gamble, because they were donated in the first place because they don’t work. But when you find a good one (with good bones, I mean) you are able to easily make it over with some paint and fabric.

For this lamp, I used Rustoleum High Gloss White Paint and Waverly Fabric from Walmart.

Watch the lamp transformation:

2. Thrifted Pitchers

Farmhouse pitchers are so trendy that when you go to buy them already white, they can be $15+, even at Walmart. However, if you’ve ever been in a thrift store, I’d venture to guess you’ve seen the millions of pitchers that usually fill their shelves. Well…maybe not millions, but you catch my drift.

When looking for pitches to makeover, you’re looking for a great shape. Don’t worry about the icky color or print on it, you can cover that easily. I found an awesome plastic pitcher with a great wide mouth opening and then another ceramic option. With some Rustoleum Paint in High Gloss and Smoky Beige, I now have two awesome pitchers for dirt cheap!

Watch me transform 2 different pitchers here:

3. Thrifted Bowls & Cups

This $65 candle was my inspiration. I fell in love with the bowl look, but I wasn’t going to spend that much – so I decided to make it myself.

For this project, I found a blue and white bowl, two small blue and white tea glasses and a couple fish rocks glasses that I knew would make awesome candles for Alex’s fishing-themed office.

When you’re looking for containers, you want glass or ceramic items. Because you’re going to be pouring in hot wax, you don’t want anything that could melt. Beyond that, I’d suggest looking for something with some character that matches your decor, or your interests (like the fish).

Candle Supplies
Soy Wax
Candle Wicks
Fragrance – I used Apple Pie
Something to melt your wax in – I used my Pyrex

Watch the tutorial for the candles below:

4. Thrifted Ceramic Jars & Utensil Holders

Oh farmhouse pottery, how I love thee… But what I don’t love is the high price tag it usually comes with! So I have 2 variations of this flip for you – one to create faux iconic farmhouse crocks and another to make brown bottom pottery.

While hunting, look for ceramic or glass canisters and jars for the brown bottom pottery DIY and utensil holders or cylindrical canisters for the faux crocks.

Rustoleum Flat White Spray Paint
Rustoleum Smoky Beige Spray Paint
Rustoleum Textured Spray Paint
Spray Polycrylic for sealant
Faux Florals – Tulips are from Target, Lavender, Eucalyptus & Boxwood from Walmart
Peony arrangement is from Walmart

Watch the canister + utensil holder makeover:

5. Thrifted Wicker Baskets

Another item that overflows thrift stores are wicker baskets. Big baskets, small baskets, all different colors baskets. So many to choose from! I found this small basket for 99 cents and I gave it a quick update with Dark Walnut Minwax Stain.

Check out the basket makeover



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