It’s crazy to think we are already at the end of 2021! It has been an amazing year here at Whiskey & Whit full of growth, and tons of projects. So I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my top 25 projects I made in 2021 so that you can make these high-end DIYs in 2022!

Check out the listing below for the links to the original videos. Happy Crafting!



You can find the cut files mentioned via the original videos linked below:

Project 25 Stained Baskets
Project 24 Dollar Tree Foam Board as Wood
Project 23 Boxwood Wreath
Project 22 Lavender Felt Pillow
Project 21 Finn’s First Birthday Bluey Theme
Project 20 Thrifted Candlestick Makeover
Project 19 Wood Lantern
Project 18 Oversized Lumbar Pillow
Project 17 Easter Bunny Garland
Project 16 Bedroom Makeover Makeover
Bed Build, Nightstands, Blanket Ladder, Wedding Song Wood Signs
Project 15 Wood Sled
Project 14 Two-toned pottery
Project 13 Faux Honey for Bee Decor
Project 12 Peony Pillow
Project 11 Jar Candles
Project 10 Patriotic Popsicles
Project 9 – Hocus Pocus Sign, Trick or Treat Sign and Boston Vlog
Project 8 Cousin Eddie’s RV Video
Project 7 Farmhouse Light
Project 6 Santa Tray Video
Project 5 Flag Blanket
Project 4 Faux Cookies
Project 3 Faux Marshmallows
Project 2 Pumpkin Pie Slices Video
Project 1 Classroom Makeover



  1. Love your designs. I am a new Cricut owner, just received for Christmas and learning tips and tricks by watching YouTube videos. Came across your videos and ever since have watched almost all of your videos. Watched the original video when you made the lumbar pillow and let’s stay in bed decal for your bedroom. Would really like the svg files for both but have been unable to locate. Watched the complete video from start to finish, but there were no svg files at the end. I read comments from others too and they were having difficulty finding the link to them, I thought it was just me. Can you please share the svg files with me?

    1. Hi Nancy – I’m so sorry I’m behind on comments. If you’d still like the file, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get you what you need. Thanks! Whitney

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