Hey craft buddy! Today we are jumping head-first into plywood crafts including some high-end inspired art! When I’ve done these wood build videos in the past, the craft buddies loved them. If you’ve missed them check them out here:

Now that the weather has gotten SO MUCH nicer in Illinois, I’m ready to build. So many of you also have tagged me in this Hocus Pocus plywood DIY on Instagram and Tiktok and I fell in love!

And, as I do, that led me to want to build my own! Then I wanted to build a video around it to include some DIY textured wave art as well as a DIY record player table. I’m also sharing my thoughts on cutting plywood with Glowforge’s new Aura Craft Laser – check out this post for more on that machine! Let’s jump right in!

Today we’re making some excellent plywood DIYs! I’ll be using handipanels in 2×2 and 2×4 sizes. I don’t have a truck or any other way to get the 4’x8′ sheets of plywood from the store to my house – so I’m showing you how to make these without needing that or a table saw!

You can get these plywood sheets of that size at any hardware store. I love wood-building projects to help me save while bringing in wood decor to my home!

These wood DIYs also double as plywood DIYs to sell for beginners! I’m showing you these wood-building projects to inspire you to bring your own wood-build ideas to life! And all of these projects would be awesome to make and sell at a vendor booth!

How to make textured art look like ocean waves!

Up first we’re making DIY textured art inspired by a Pottery Barn piece that is being sold for $500! I used Drydex spackling and these tools to transform cheap OSB plywood into a beautiful textured one-of-a-kind piece. Check out the video to see it come together!

How to Build a DIY Record Player Stand

I’ve been loving listening to music on vinyl lately, but I didn’t have a home for my record player – so it was just in storage collecting dust. So what better time to whip up a custom stand for it?

I was inspired to make this stand for my record player from Shanty2Chic – be sure to check out their tutorial if you’d like to make theirs and you have a table saw. Watch the video below to see it come together.

Leg Hardware | Metal Record Organizer Stands | My Record Player | Vinyl: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

This would also be great for a printer stand or a table for your Cricut Joy.

How to DIY Hocus Pocus Plywood Yard Decor Silhouettes

And the final project that inspired this whole video – the Sanderson Sisters! I love how these turned out and I can wait to see how you all recreate them for Halloween this year!

Purple Lights | Red Lights | Green Lights

If you look closely, you can see Finn’s artwork on the paver bricks – HA!

What to do with Plywood Scrap Wood

Check out the video below to see it all come together and leave me a message letting me know which project was your favorite! Do you plan to make any of these?



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